Read this book BEFORE your next diet!

Weight loss is harder in midlife, at least that is what we hear. If you are a woman over 40, looking to feel good about your body and confident when you look in the mirror, then this book is for you. 

 And the best part?! This is NOT a book about weight loss, another diet trend or a magical solution you have not tried yet.

Only $9.99 (limited time promo)

"In 5 months of working with Juliana, I released 19 pounds!"

" This is a book I recommend for women before they start any weight loss program, as this focus on mindset is often missed by many. Mindset is so important, especially when the gremlins naturally start to sneak in when the initial momentum of doing a new weight loss program wears off. I have a better understanding of my body and a higher recognition of the importance of loving my (body) fat."

Tracy Sherriff
Happy Customer

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find an easier solution to get the body of your dreams, instead of counting calories, worrying about everything you put in your mouth, tracking your every step in an app…. 

 …only to lose motivation and see all your hard-work fall apart?! 

The truth is, almost any weight loss program out there works, IF you stick with it. 

But sticking with it is HARD


So I wrote a book about it, because until you work on your internal weight loss blockers, you will continue to self-sabotage and repeat old habits. 

Inside of this book, you will become able to…  

Know what's changing in your body in midlife

Unleash your vibrant, confident self

Age gracefully by becoming your body's best friend

Exit the comparison trap 

Become unapologetically you now, not just when you lose the weight

And learn how to manifest the body of your dreams

This book will change how you look at weight loss forever, as you shift to what I like to call weight release. Are you in?!

What’s Included In this Bundle

Digital Copy Of Release (available in PDF & EPUB formats)

Audiobook version of ‘Release’, narrated by the author

Instant Access to the Exclusive Book Bonus Collection

This book is perfect for you...

... if you have not been able to successfully stick with diets in the past or you are done with dieting and want a sustainable solution that you can maintain long-term.

Again, this is NOT a diet book! 

‘Release’ is your new playbook to feeling in control of your body as you age by adopting a mindset of release, so you can (finally) understand how to master your mind, so you can love your body.

Only $9.99 (limited time promo)
This book is for you if…

  • You know you’re the only one standing in your own way... You know what to do, but you struggle with being consistent, unless there is someone pushing you constantly 

  • You find yourself reaching for that nightly glass of wine or piece of chocolate, almost every night. You know you're self-sabotaging your health goals, but you can't stop 

  •  Every decade that goes by you gain another 10 pounds and all the calorie counting & starving your body, which used to work in your 20s and 30s, doesn’t seem to work anymore, you need a new solution!

  •  You feel ready to learn to trust your body, become its best friend, and stop punishing yourself with negative self-talk and poor food choices. You want to age gracefully and confidently 

  • You not only want to feel confident in your body, but actually LOVE it, by unlocking the power of weight release

Plus lots of exclusive bonuses that I know you will love!

I believe this book will change your life and to make it even more special, I am adding an exclusive Bonus Collection for you, which includes:


A beautiful meditation to help you release any stuck energy preventing you from getting in full alignment with your body and start to re-program your subconscious to love every part of your body, including belly fat!


A mini-training to help you identify what is holding you back, and a printer-ready blueprint on how to tap into ENDLESS MOTIVATION without the need for constantly pushing yourself!


Your Daily Wellness Manifesto. This beautifully hand-drawn Wellness Contract will become your new best friend that will gently remind you each day of your commitment to yourself, your body and your family. 

...and so much more!

Ready to get the digital book, audiobook plus all the amazing bonuses?!

...all for only $9.99 (limited time promo)
"Juliana's approach to releasing weight is truly unique and so natural for women over 40."

"My hormones hit me out of the blue when I turned 40, people warned me but I didn't believe them. My emotions also started to change and I know that is true for many women. If we don't learn what to do about it, it is easy to feel frustrated, anxious and stressed. Juliana shares her amazing knowledge in a fun and easy way to grasp, so we can make changes that give us back our energy and vitality. This book is a must for women transitioning through menopause and wanting to deepen their relationship with their bodies. "

Louise Hopkin
Happy Customer

If you are a woman over 40 and you want to release emotional weight that keeps you feeling unhappy with your body…...then this book is perfect for you.

Only $9.99 (limited time promo)
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I’m Juliana, your WEIGHT RELEASE coach. 

Juliana Leamen is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified by The American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners, University- trained with a Masters degree in Science, Registered Bach Flower Practitioner and trained in human behavior by the Demartini Institute.

She is on a mission to provide a new model of care for weight loss for women during menopause transition and post-menopause, what she calls Weight Release, moving away from the ‘diet mindset’ and helping women find confidence from within.
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